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Modular Truss Displays


Trade show events are always a great way to market your companies brand with this system. Exhibitors have always turned to the multi media the workhorse when trying to stand out from competitors. Trade show truss displays are without a doubt the most attractive systems and innovative forms of displays perfect for any coordinator exhibits at any event and exhibitions.



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What can a Modular Truss Display do for you?

TSDD is proud to announce we have added the Orbital Express line of trade show truss displays to our inventory.Buy or Lease an Orbital Modular Truss, and leave the rest to us! We make Truss Systems simple to choose, buy, or lease, update customize, store, clean, ship, track, receive, and manage. Let us take care of every aspect of your trade show truss display so you can buy or lease, leave the management to us. Imagine showing up to your show only see your Truss System when you arrive at the show, completely assembled. If it has to do with Orbital Expo Truss, we're the experts. Buy or lease Orbital Expo Truss for us and warehouse it at your facilities, or ours.
Trade Show Display Depot can manage every aspect of your trade show truss display, picking the right kit to promote your brand, designing your graphic, and tradeshow installation and dismantle. Having over 40 kits has allowed us to offer customers premium trade show truss displays manufactured by Orbital Express. Orbital Truss Displays are the go to booths on th exhibit floor as they are robust and have a proven track record. Truss Displays quickly became and have remained an industry leader.

Financing Available for the Orbital Truss Trade Show Booth
  • Finance with a 60 month lease agreements, not money down, and $1 Dollar buy out to own the booth
Basically Leave your Truss with us Truss Plus Service
  • Design, engineer, configure
  • Manage and produce trade show graphics (if required)
  • Update dye sublimated graphics (if stored with us)
  • Clean, pack, ship your exhibit for guaranteed delivery
  • Update your truss exhibit adding accessories and components
  • Manage all truss-related logistics for you
Special Truss Display Offers
  • Allow 30 days for delivering save 5% on order, Ask us how.
  • Use Truss Plus services FREE for the first three months! Ask us for details.
  • Move you truss to us and enjoy Truss Plus services
  • Ask about special financing!
  • Please contact us for more information or call us at 855-226-6372

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