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Truss Displays are without doubt the most attractive and innovative forms of displays used in trade shows and exhibitions.

Buy or lease Orbital Truss, and leave the rest to us! We make Truss Systems simple to choose, buy, lease, update, customize, store, clean, ship, track, receive, and manage. We can take care of every aspect, so you can buy or lease, leave the management to us, and only see your Truss System when you arrive at the show, completely assembled. If it has to do with Orbital Expo Truss, we're the experts. Buy or lease Orbital Expo Truss from us and warehouse it at your facilities, or ours.

We make Truss easy

And we can finance with 60 month lease agreements , no money down, and $1 to own.
Basic and Leave your Truss with Us Truss Plus Services:

  • Design, engineer, configure
  • Manage and produce graphics (if required)
  • Update graphics (if stored with us)
  • Clean, pack, ship your exhibit for guaranteed delivery
  • Update your truss exhibit adding accessories and components
  • Store/warehouse truss exhibits and components
  • Manage all truss-related logistics for you

Special Offers:

  • Allow 30 days for delivery, save 5% on order. Ask us how.
  • Use Truss Plus services FREE for the first three months! Ask us for details.
  • Move your truss to us and enjoy Truss Plus services.
  • Ask about special financing!

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