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Trade Show Tension Fabric Displays and Backdrops

Hands down the biggest leap in the trade show display market has to be the advancement of tension fabric displays, trade show products and backdrops for any exhibition. These tension fabric displays will bring life to any trade show display with their high resolution 3D banner prints. If your not familiar with how the WaveLine media display system works, its simple, the fabric graphic is a printed dye-sublimated poly-knit fabric, once the graphic is finished, the next step is installing the dye-sublimated graphic stand on a the frame by drawing the graphic over the frame and zipping coxed at the bottom (pillow case graphic), or attaching it from the front like a push-fit graphic. Tension fabric backdrop varies and depends upon the type of hardware configuration. There are several type of dye sublimated fabric banner graphics, push-fit SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic), pillow case, velcro on to a pop up frame from the front, and the last one is rubber bead sewn into the graphic and it pushed into a Modulate Frame.

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10ft  - Bridge Tension Fabric Trade Show Booth 10FT SNAP TUBE - BRIDGE
Our Price: $2,395.00 Valid Until 2021
Savings: $400.00
10ft QuickZip Bridge - Trade Show Display Depot 10FT QUICKZIP - BRIDGE
Our Price: $2,000.00 Valid Until 2021
Savings: $496.00
10x10 ft Tru Fit QuickZip Rise 10FT QUICKZIP RISE
Our Price: $1,495.00

Types of Tension Fabric Displays

  • Fabric Push-Fit SEG
  • Stretch fabric pop up
  • Fabric Table Covers
  • Hanging fabric
Tension fabric displays offer many benefits and advantages for your next trade show booth. These advantages have grown over the years due to the improved flexibility and ease of use.

Benefits of a Tension Fabric Display:

  • The soft fabric is easy to use and Install on all backdrops
  • Fabric is soft unlike traditional pop up display panels,
    • much less likely to be damaged in transport.
    • will not dent or crease since they are soft an foldable
  • Tension fabric display hardware and various configurations allow for unique shapes and sizes not see with a traditional back drop
  • Fabric reordering is a breeze simply order online, upload graphics, and we will ship the graphics in a few days
  • Tension Fabric Display Graphics generally cost substantially less then traditional rollable lexan prints that attach with magnet
  • Fabric Displays have a few benefits, easy to setup, compact design by nature, durable and not easily damaged, inexpensive compared to other models and lightweight easily managed by the exhibitor
Tension fabric displays as well as trade show walls can offer a wide range of flexibility on the tradeshow floor. If your looking for the perfect display at an affordable price for your next expo then browse through our extensive catalog of backdrops.
All of our Tension Fabric Displays are now produced with a true two step dye sublimated process, on all trade show walls.Tension Fabric displays have quickly become the norm due to the improvement of dye sub fabric and pre configured frames making it a breeze picking your new trade show booth. There are several ways to print dye submitted fabric and not all them benefit the exhibitor.
Tension fabric display systems since their infancy used a "direct to fabric" process meaning the printing was quick, low cost easy for your trade show booth. Yet, problem is when you print directly to fabric it not longer meets flame retardant characteristic that why we use a true 2 step process.