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Modulate Trade Show and Frame Banners

If managing a trade show schedule for which there are multiple size spaces to plan then Modulate is the perfect exhibit system. Modulate Frame Banners feature reconfigurable shapes and different angles that are easy to assemble as well as portable. You can choose from 14 frame shapes and connect to design your own combinations to increase your trade show ROI with this tailored system.
Modular Displays are a great way to exhibit, not only saving you time but increasing your return when exhibiting at multiple shows where the booth space sizes vary. For example, if you want to exhibit a smaller venue and using a 8x10 or 10x10 booth then your in luck you can add frames to create a perfect 10x20 booth, these modular exhibits are for the exhibitor looking to use the same graphic and being able to reconfigure in a various amount of configurations.
Since these are truly a modular display, the benefits are a one time purchase and you only have to replace the graphic for different target markets, since your only replacing the graphic there is not need to purchase a graphic and hardware, a modular display like these frames will require a very small space to be stowed away or even when in transit to your next event .

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Purchasing a New Modular Trade Show Booth for your next event?

Trade Show Display Depot can guide you in the right direction in your quest for purchasing a high quality premium modular systems that can be customized, preconfigured in a unlimited amount of tradeshow designs then this is all the flexibility you will need to achieve your marketing goals. The fabric can be used for the front and switched to fit the back going from Concave to Convex look with in few minutes

Reconfigurable Trade Show Booths for Every Event

Trade Show Display Depot's announces that is distributes one of the most ingenious display systems manufactured in the US, the Modular Tension Fabric Displays. This new and highly innovative display system is our new Modular Tension Fabric Displays that not only provide pliability then any other design offered in the industry by creating innovative designs that can be used for a number of display booth configurations, sizes, booth locations and allow our customers access to these unique shapes and sizes. For companies that are constantly exhibiting always have the one big main event a year that they want to show the industry they are a contender, then there is not need to purchase new booth, simply add on or reconfigure your for each specific event not blowing the budget on a new display. Interested in adding Monitors, Audio and Video to your event then check out the Waveline Media kits that can easily be reconfigured from a 20' to a 10' space.