Coyote Pop-Up Displays


Why Coyote is Voted the Best Brands of Pop Up Displays.

Pop up displays are ever evolving and Orbus inc has built one the top systems, the Coyote brand. Coyote pop up trade show exhibits and displays are available in different configurations, sizes and all of the kits are modular so this display will grow as your company grows. The Coyote pop up trade show display accessories make add ons a breeze, especially with their ever popular shelving and customizable configurations. Orbus has introduced several accessories, different price points for their replacement graphics, purchase a Coyote at a reasonable price at a custom look.



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What Does The Coyote Pop Up Display Kit Include?

Orbus offers all of the Coyote pop up displays as turn key ready to use trade show exhibit. Whether you order a small or large pop up trade show exhibit, it will come with a wheeled transport case, collapsible frame, flood lights, velcro receptive panels or 22 mil magnetic graphic panels.

Read to Pick your Next Coyote Pop Up Display Configuration?

Coyote pop up displays have been designed with the end user in mind, offering different price points, shapes, sizes, fabric or graphic models are all available. Coyote is available in a curved and straight model, depending on preference, see below for different types.

Fabric Option- (entire kit is velcro receptive fabric hook and loop available in several colors) a low cost and effective marketing display that allows you to place detachable graphics anywhere on the display, available in a curved or straight system. Available in 4ft, 6ft and 8ft wide models

Graphic Option- This option allows for your to place graphics panels on any of the Coyote models or you can upgrade from the loop and hook panels to rollable graphic pop up panels. These magnetic 22 mil UV graphics will create a stunning environment for your next event.

Coyote Tabletop Displays- Available in 4 different curved options, choose from velcro hook and loop fabric panels or custom graphics option

Coyote Floor Models- Available in a 6' ft, 8' ft,10' ft and 20' ft wide models, even a custom 30ft (10' ft x 30' ft) wide option is available. Again available in a velcro receptive hook and loop fabric ideal for detachable (Velcro on) graphics, as well as rollable graphic panels that magnetic on to the robust purple frame system.

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