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Why Coyote is Voted and is One of The Best Pop Up Displays.
Pop up displays are ever evolving and the Orbus inc has built one the top system, the Coyote brand. Orbus has introduced several accessories and create their now standard line of accessories, purchase at a reasonable price at a custom look. Coyote pop up trade show exhibits and displays are available in different configurations and some of the kits are reconfigurable. What has made the these kits an industry phenomenon are the wide range of graphics available for tradeshows.
Coyote pop up trade show display graphics as mentioned previously are available in two styles. Direct to substrate which requires less material and the laminated lambda photo film. The photo film process is printed a on true photo film and then laminated with dura flex lam.
The first type is called direct to substrate, the substrate consist of a 22 mil thick styrene panel, and printed directly to the trade show banner, there is not a protective laminate. The next type of banner for your trade show is printed on a film, allowed to dry and then laminated, completely sealing preserving your panels and protecting from the harsh environment, the Coyote is the answer.
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