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Backlit fabric displays like the WaveLight, are one of thee most thinnest, unique and cutting edge designs currently on the market.
The Makitso design features a super slim profile making exhibiting easy for these trade show displays. If you are new to expo marketing then you know that space is limited and real estate comes at a premium, selecting the right booth is a must.
In a busy high paced arena exhibitors only have a fraction of a second to grasp attendees attention with their display, allow these booths to separate you from the competition with these stands. The Backlit WaveLight trade show display has quickly become one of the top selling backlit exhibits, due to its low cost discount price, this is not a cheap alternative

Customers boast about the portability of the WaveLight backlit fabric displays slim design, lightweight tubular frame, and slip on high resolution backlit pillow case graphic, and curtain LED lights have allowed it ti become one of the most custom innovative kits on the trade show display market.

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