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Looking to stand out at your next event or trade show then do it with a backlit exhibit. Adding a backlit exhibit booth to your collection will give your brand a modern look and streamline your trade show. Backlit displays do not have to cost an arm and a leg have a look at our collection and ask us what we can for do for your exhibit booth your needs!
Now that a backlit trade show display is an affordable option, more than ever we have a product for every budget, every need, every look and every want. Backlit trade show display products are available in every size and configuration. Have a look at our new product line of illuminated kits and backlit fabric solutions.



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    Backlit Graphic are now affordable for all displays, there's not reason you should not be utlizing these kits on the show floor.
    • Wavelight Casonara SEG Light Box Display
    • Wavelight LED Backlit Display
    • Infinity DNA Pro Lightbox
    • Vector Light Boxes
    • Backlit Hop Up Display
    • Hybrid Pro Modular Exhibit
    • Illuminated Hanging Signs
    • Silcone Edge Graphic for Pop Up Booths
    • Low Cost Double Side Illuminated Display
      • Luminous 20ft Wall
    • Backlit Counters and Inflatable Backlit Counters
    • New Backlit Island Exhibits with LED Lighting
    • Low cost Ultra thin LED Light Box


    Hop Up backlit trade show displays hands down are our most popular floor model we offer. Due to LED technology evolving so quickly it now extends into Hanging Backlit displays, and the new Wavelight Air Backlit inflatable counters. Hop Up backlit displays is a true and proven contender.


    a little history about trade show displays, we keep talking about the evolution of LED technology. Whether you new to expo marketing or a seasoned trade show exhibit product manager then you can attest that the new LED curtain and edge lights have made strides in the past few years as the market shifted from heavy weight and melting hot halogen lights.


    • Glare resistant clothe backdrop
    • Fabric backer creates a true light box (keeps light in)
    • Pillow case graphic slips off the frame easily
    • Ultra bright LED's keep the display illuminated
    • Dye-Sublimated printing process
    • Stays cool after a 14 hour day of exhibiting
    • Quick and easy set up
    How the Backlit LED Display Works
    This LED backlit tension fabric display is ideal for all exhibitors whom want to the backlit design to stand out front the crowd! The frame is composed of lightweight aluminum poles attached with dungy cords making your 10ft straight pop up frame a breeze. After your lights weight frame is assembled simply attach the lights to the perimeter of the booth, connect all the power supplies and lights together and then slide on the pillowcase - like graphic over the frame and zip it closed at the bottom. The zipper is hidden from view and tightens up the stretched fabric graphic for a smooth image. Single or Double sided available, if you want to place graphics on both sides.

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