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Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays and Booths are one of the greatest advancements in the trade show industry produced by various Tension Fabric Trade Show Display Companies. Tension Fabric Walls utilize a dye-sublimated graphic printed on knit fabric, which is then stretched to custom fit over a pre-configured frame.
Learn more about dye-sublimated trade show displays graphic printing.

Stretch Fabric Trade Show Displays can be a process of installing the stretch fabric display dye-sublimated graphic on a tension fabric structure varies and depends upon the type of hardware configuration. many types attach to the front and sides using Velcro, or have rubber tubing that fits into grooves in the hardware. Others overlay the hardware completely (commonly called a pillow case graphic). Regardless of the type of configuration, the advantages of this type of display are many:

  • The display and its graphic fabric are lightweight and easy to clean
  • Being made mostly of fabric the display folds into a small box, making it easy to transport.
  • Because the graphics are printed on fabric rather then panels, they are much less likely to be damaged in transport.
  • The different hardware setups allows for unique shapes and sizes not seen in traditional displays, making for a more modern, sophisticated and individual style.
  • Prices for tension fabric display graphics are usually less costly than traditional panel graphics

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