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The Casonara will breathe new light into your backlit, brand, exhibit, event or retail shop with the Wavelight Casonara 360 SEG Light Box Display Walls for all every trade show. This backlit trade show display is pioneering a new SEG tension fabric lights box and designed to make backlit graphics more portable, modular, and customizable for every booth and exhibit.
The 360 degree backlit display illumination technology provides more visibility for your brand and more places to present your ideas and trade shows. We have also color coded the aluminum frames which provides our users the ability to quickly assemble and disassemble the display with out tools -or breaking a sweat. The backlit tension fabric allows for quick set up on everyone of our booths and exhibits. This display will last due to the premium fabric that uses tension to draw out most wrinkles creating a unique environment
The key benefit to this kit is the Silicone Edge Graphic, also know as SEG, that slips right into the frame work. The Backlit Graphic, specially design for illuminated displays, allows for a vibrant fabric graphic, that can be installed with ease and creates a sharp crips backwall.
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