What is Tension Fabric?

What is Tension Fabric ?

How is it possible to print graphics on fab

The Dye Sublimation Printing process includes a combination of High Heat and solid dyes to produce Photo Quality graphic images.For years this has been the preferred method to reproduce the bestphoto graphics on a variety of graphic materials. Until now -

Now, as the sophistication of ink jet print head technology, new formulation inks, and the digital software process has evolved, a new breed of printers is being perfected. Now Dye Sub Printing directly on the fabric, is a reality, instead of printing on transfer paper, eliminating extra steps in the Dye Sub Process. This allows us to print with excellent quality for fabric tension displays.

These printers typically use "4 Color Process", Magenta, Cyan, Black, and Yellow. Because the ink is absorbed/mixed into the fabric before it is heated, the final output is more realistic, and less prone to fading.

Add this new technology to print on fabric and you have an unbeatable combination. You have the best high resolution realistic photo images portraying your product or service, without the vulnerability of other inkjet media, which typically is laminated.

One bout of mishandling of a banner stand can ruin your graphics in 5 seconds. The typical dye sub banner stand or display is made with wrinkle resistant fabrics making them much more durable.

Add to this the ability to be washed and reused, you have an unbeatable combination. As you peruse you next event, check all the top displays and you will typically see 90% of them adorned with dye sub graphics.

We here at Trade Show Display Depot have the new dye sub printer available for immediate printing of your next project. Please call us and let us assist you to make your tension fabric displays graphics artwork a complete success.